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Image of a synthesiser.
Image of a music mixer.
Image of music reels.
Original music

I create custom, original music for your needs.

Music for bands, singer-songwriters or music for videos and advertising purposes.



Music mixing is all about finding the right balance in your song.

As a music producer, my task is to mix and produce your song and make it shine.


     Full production

Together - you as an artist and me as a music producer - we will discuss, analyse, and change what is needed for a complete audio production of your music.


Podcast mixing

Mixing vocals is one of the most important moments in music production. I will use best software to clean and edit your podcast (so it becomes pleasant for the listener).


Computer screen.
     Social media

As a music producer, I create unique music for your brand, compose music for social media marketing and even compose songs for your Instagram reels.


Everything prepared and mixed. All you have to do is upload it.


Audiobook editing

Recording a narator for an audiobook is only the first part of the process.

I will edit the voice, remove noises, and adjust the pace of the reader.


Drum machine.
    Custom Beats

Custom and unique beats for your songs.


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